Lynne Lechter: Events / Photos

Partner Lynne Lechter Co-Hosted, with the Republican Jewish Coalition, Breitbart News’ Senior Editor-at-Large, Joel Pollack, at a private reception and lecture of his book, How Trump Won.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana, Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate
RNC Chair Reince Preibus, Washington, D.C, 2015
Ben Carson
Ben Carson
Newt Gringrich
Walid Phares, Middle East Advisor to Donald Trump, EMET briefing, Washington, D.C., October 2014
Lou Dobbs, TV News Correspondent
John Bolton, King of Prussia, October 24, 2014
Sheldon & Miriam Adelson, RJC and Birthright Israel
Rudy Guiliani, former NY Mayor and Trump Legal Team
Sheldon Adelson, RJC and Birthright Israel
Vice President Dick Cheney, RJC Event
Washington, D.C., 2015
Lynne Cheney, Senator Ron Johnson, RJC Event
Washington, D.C., 2015
Ron Dermer, Israeli Ambassador to U.S.
Ed Royce (R CA 39th District), Chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, 2016
Jan Brewer, Former Arizona Governor
Darryl Glenn, Senatorial Candidate, Colorado
Hugh Hewitt, Philadelphia, PA, 2012
Marcus Luttrell
Rabbi Schmuley Boteach
Jesse Watters, Watters World
Haley Barbour, Former Governor of Mississippi
Charles Krauthammer
Linda Lingle, Former Governor of Hawaii
Carlos Giralt Gobrales, General Counsel of Mexico to Philadelphia
General Counsel Mexico
Mike Huckubee in the Green Room before introducing Mike at the RJC’s Presidential Candidate’s Forum, DC 2016
President George W. Bush, Villanova, PA 2007
Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin
Senator Ted Cruz, RJC Event, Washington, D.C., 2015
Senator Kelly Ayotte, RJC Event, Washington, D.C., 2014
Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, RJC Event
Philadelphia, PA, 2015
Congresswoman Shelley Moore, NWC “Day on the Hill”
Washington, D.C., 2014
Montgomery County Community College Board of Trustees
Commencement Speaker: Jill Biden
Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Praeger
Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Praeger
Jon Voight
Jon Voight
Former Speaker of the House Eric Cantor, 2014
Michael Medved, Philadelphia, PA, 2012
Jonathan Medved, Lechter & Sasso P.C. Co-Sponsored Event
Penn Valley, PA, 2014
Luis Carlos Villegas, Colombian Ambassador to the U.S.
The Bellevue, Philadelphia, 2015
Juan Gabriel Valdes. Chilean Ambassador to U.S.
Union League, Philadelphia 2016
Senator Lindsey Graham,
RJC President’s Council Briefing, 2015