Our Firm

Clients Are Our Core Mission

From a start-up to a scale-up, from a single contractual issue to complex multinational transactions, from a bankruptcy in Colombia or a divorce/custody manner spanning Brazil, Israel, Hong Kong and the United States, from a consultation to a complex litigation, our clients always come first.

Lechter & Sasso attorneys treat your issues as their own. We work efficiently, diligently and resourcefully to bring your personal issues to satisfactory resolution. That translates to: a partner attorney is always working on your case and if, due to differing time zones, that requires 24/7 and weekend work, those are the hours we keep. You receive e-transmission copies of all documents and communications and are free to call upon us at any time via email or our personal mobile numbers.

We do not believe in “down time.” The world never stops. Neither do we.

Our “Green” Law Firm

Lechter & Sasso is committed to an “Earth-friendly,” ecologically sustainable approach to the practice of law. This approach is not only socially responsible, but reflects our commitment to doing our part to sustain a cleaner environment for generations to come. What best practices reflect our commitment to “going green,” while providing our clients with the best possible legal services?

Reduction in Electricity Use

  • As older technological products are replaced, purchases are made with a focus on energy reduction. All equipment, when not in use for more than fifteen minutes are set to the “standby” mode. This includes scanners and printers as well as desktops and smart phones.
  • Lights are turned off, whenever an attorney leaves their office, not just at the end of the work day.

Going Almost Paperless

  • Lechter & Sasso is committed to using paper as nominally as possible.
  • In all court systems where the technology exists, litigation filings are handled by e-filings.
  • Case management is handled on-line.
  • All client communications not handled in-person or by phone, are handled by email whenever the client is computer literate.
  • Original documents are scanned and forwarded as required.
  • Required internal paper documentation is copied on both sides, whenever possible.
  • Where a case file must be kept for litigation, only one copy is kept in our master file room. Multiple copies of a case file are not created.

Banking & Our Use of Credit Cards

  • Lechter & Sasso conducts as much of its banking as possible on-line. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express to facilitate on-line banking. Through an on-line legal pay plan, we are able to deposit credit card payments and credit card escrow payments directly to either our general operating account or our Iolta (Trust Account). In this way, we avoid the need for paper deposit slips and transfer slips.


Lechter & Sasso is built on and driven by integrity. What does that mean?

It means that we are respectful to our clients, our employees and all parties involved in the matters we handle. While we will work with commitment, passion and drive to arrive at successful resolution of all of our clients’ matters, we are respectful to those on the other side.

We are candid and forthright. We do not hide or fudge the truth. We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We tell you what we can do, what we are going to do, and we do it.

Some matters and some cases are easier than others. Some issues can be surprisingly quick and easy to resolve. Others are more complex. They take time. And sometimes, they take a lot of time. Integrity means commitment and the resolve to work through the hard times and stick through them to the end.

It means we are there for you.


Lechter & Sasso, depending on the case matter, offer alternative manners of invoicing, including flat fee agreements for a particular legal project, traditional billable hours and contingent fee agreements.